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Education is a preparation for life. A gradual process of acquiring knowledge. The creation of educational programs provides social capital; the ability to organize and mobilize resources.


Educators may create and manage courses easily, either online or at a set location. Assign your own prices for each course you provide. Only memebers may enroll at these courses.


Only members can create and manage events with our platform. All types of events are welcomed. Events are generally created to bring awareness to memebers of significant occurences happening around the world.


Ask Math Questions

 Take Pictures

  • Take a picture of your question
  • Submit your question. Provide clear images for faster responses
  • Solutions to all questions will be solved in detail and displayed at the Solved Questions page within 24 hrs

attend tutorials

Attend Tutorials

  • Online, Private and Group Tutorials. Apply Now 
  • Online Tutorials: Via Skype
  • Private Tutorials: 1 on 1 with a math tutor at any arranged location
  • Group Tutorials: Group Tutorials 

question of the day

Question Of The Day

Get Paid 

  • Solve Our Questions and Get paid. Solve Now
  • Get paid R10 for every accurate solution you provide
  • Your solutions will be displayed to all members at the Solved Questions page

Become an educator

Learning Management System

  Create Courses 

  • Become An Educator and provide courses at our program. (English, Sciences, Arts, Law, ENG, IT, etc)
  • All courses listed at their respective faculties, located at the Faculty page. Apply Now
  • Anyone with a professional degree is eligible to create courses on our program. Assign your own prices for each course you provide.
  • Only members may create and enroll at these courses.

are you good at math

Are You Good at Math?

  • We recruiting Math Tutors. Receive instant notifications when members book for tutorials. Apply Now
  • Receive instant notifications when members ask questions and in turn provide solutions. 
  • Get Paid R50 for each accurate solution you provide at the Solved Questions page.
  • For every wrong solution provided, a compensation fee of R10 will be donated to the member who submits the question and R50 penalty fee will be paid by the tutor who provides the wrong solution.

share info

Share Information

  Create Ads, Events and Posts

  • Get involved and interact with other members and educators worldwide. Get Involved
  • Create adverts, events and share news with our members. 
  • Only members may create Ads, Events and Posts.
  • Posting of illegal materials is prohibited. Review our terms and conditions carefully.